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I started Immigrant Press because I wanted to finish a book I was working on, which would only happen if it were to be printed. This work would then be completed and I could go on to the next literary episode.

Úbeda against the hills of Sierra Mágina
That first book was Along the Way. Walking in Úbeda (2009), a hybrid part-town human biography, part-visitor guide, and written for hotels and bookshops to offer to visitors to the World Heritage-listed town where I’d settled. The curiosity of my fellow ubetenses has prompted a translation of the book into Spanish (forthcoming in 2017).

Local interests also determined the second house title, From the Americas to Jaén/Desde las Américas a Jaén (2011), a bilingual reader for the many young Spaniards impelled by recent economic troubles to prepare for emigration in search of work; the Hispano-Americans whose stories of migration are told in the book headed to this olive oil-producing region of southern Spain in economically better days.

The third volume was the first on our Immigrant Library of Translation shelf, and the first to bring Immigrant Press to a wider audience; turn to our Classics page for more information on the translation of Haroldo Conti’s Sudeste (1962).

Somewhere along the line, Buenos Aires

Work on Conti’s novel took me to Buenos Aires, and then a short train ride out from Retiro station to Tigre, embarcation point for boats to the Paraná Delta where this classic novel is set. Buenos Aires is also the big city where fellow immigrant Jessica Sequeira had settled, and from where she later interviewed me as part of an extensive discussion of Conti’s work for The Boston Review.

Six months later her curiosity about Immigrant Press became an offer to join me on this independent, not-for-profit plot of land, where New Year 2016 finds us in deep discussion about the larger opportunities her arrival presents. We have thus far drawn a map for the arrival of our future literary immigrants, which will be gathered under three distinctive imprints.

Blueform - IP Imprints mapThe first Immigrant Classics title has already found a transatlantic readership, and the second will be in print within a few months, with more on the way. We anticipate the Descendants stamp will appear on covers during 2016, and although the literary mules bearing our Collections imprint will take a bit more rounding up, we hope to announce first sightings before too long.

Look in on us now and then to keep up to date with news of our publishing programme. You can contact us by way of the email address below.

Jon Lindsay Miles

Jessica Sequeira

January 1, 2016