Immigrant Press and Haroldo Conti appear on the Latino Life Hot List 2014

Haroldo Conti makes it into the top five!

Haroldo Conti makes it into the top five!

We’re very happy to see that Haroldo Conti‘s classic novel of the Paraná Delta – South East, which we published in late 2013 as the first volume on our Library of Translation shelf – has been included in London’s Latino Life magazine’s Spring Guide 2014 as one of the top five items on its cultural Hot List (see page 5)

Use the link for more details, and to see what else caught the magazine’s eye.

Haroldo Conti’s “South-East” on sale at Muswell Hill Bookshop, London

The translator with before-and-after-copies of Conti's classic (and also members of his Colombian family).

The translator (accompanied by members of his extended family) with before-and-after-copies of Conti’s classic 

Following a successful presentation in London, at the Argentine Ambassador’s Residence, copies of this first translation of Haroldo Conti’s classic novel of the Delta of the Paraná River, South-East, are available for purchase at the independent Muswell Hill Bookshop in North London.

You can find details of this fine bookshop here.

The fine, limited-edition paperback costs £12. For more details of what’s inside its covers, have a look at the dedicated tab on this site.

The book can also be purchased direct from Immigrant Press; send an email to <>. Payment can be made into a bank account in either the UK or Spain.

Live recording of the Presentation of “South-East” in Úbeda (Spain)


Click on the link below to hear the recording of 38 minutes duration, which took place in the El Candil Bookshop,  and is largely in the Spanish language.

It includes readings from the novel in both Spanish and English, and an interview with the translator and publisher Jon Lindsay Miles, conducted by José Carlos Moral of El Candil.


On SoundCloud:

And ivoox:


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Moored to Rhythm. The Point of Honest-dealing in a Translation into English of Haroldo Conti’s novel “Sudeste”

The same novel? How?

The same novel? How?



The Creative Literary Studio has just posted online an article in which I discuss the work of translating Haroldo Conti’s South-East, which readers of this page will be aware was published a couple of months ago.

For those interested in Conti, in literature or translation, and particularly those who enjoy looking at text in two languages placed side-by-side, you can  learn more about all these, and my view of the translation of this classic novel at The Creative Literary Studio.

Not-for-profit Publishing starts here – with Conti’s classic novel “South-East”.

Hand-size books that won't fall apart.

Hand-size books that won’t fall apart.


A translation by Jon Lindsay Miles. Afterword by John King.

Also includes a translator’s note, biographical note to welcome Conti to a new audience reading in English, and a quire of colour plates taken around the setting of the novel: the Delta of the Paraná River.

The best materials were used to make this first volume in our new Library of Translation. Pages are sewn before binding – rather like the old days.

It’s cost us £11 to produce each copy. We believe the result has been worth the investment – Conti’s classic first novel deserves no less.

We’re selling each copy for £10.

Hare-brained? We believe good books are worth making – and keeping.

For the story of discovering Conti’s Sudeste and its translation to South-East, see the dedicated page, here.

If you’d like more information, use this contact form:

The Arrival of Haroldo Conti’s “South-East”

This is the first view of the covers, two flaps included, one at each end, of South-East, Haroldo Conti’s first novel and his first work to appear in English translation.

The book will be available within a couple of weeks.

The book will be available within a couple of weeks.

To read the story of this first volume in the new Immigrant Library of Translation, look at the page dedicated to Haroldo Conti’s “South-East”.


On the dining-room table.

The first view of South-East.

We’re with the galley proofs of our first Library of Translation title, Haroldo Conti’s South-East, now, and the printers will get the go-ahead within the week.

We’re breaking a few conventions with the presentation of Conti’s novel and its translation. This page will give you an idea of one of these; for the rest, you’ll have to wait just a few more weeks.

There are two presentations planned in our home town of Úbeda (Jaén), here in Andalusia, already, and a big date in London for early October is now pencilled in. We’ll give you more news on this when the date is confirmed.

If you’d like to read translator Jon Lindsay Miles’s account of the preparation of this book, go to the Haroldo Conti – South-East page.

The new Immigrant Library of Translation approaches the launch-pad

Our new Logo against the backdrop of a Paraná-Delta stream at first light.

Our new Logo against the backdrop of a Paraná-Delta stream at first light.

After eighteen months’ work, the English translation South-East is almost complete.

This is a big step for Immigrant. The Press has until now centred its activity on local publication and distribution, despite having copies of its first two titles on sale in the beautiful Daunt Books in London. Now we are launching our Translation Laboratory project, publishing limited editions of fiction translated into English for the first time.

These titles are classics, works that have been judged over a period of time to be of high quality and importance in the literary trajectory of their country of origin.

South-East is a translation of Haroldo Conti’s novel Sudeste, first published a half-century ago in Argentina, but still in print, and lauded as “a masterpiece” in the introduction to its most recent (Bartleby, 2009) edition here in Spain by Ana Basualdo, culture editor of Barcelona’s La Vanguardia.

We also have a rather special friend of Latin American literature and culture to write the Afterword to this fiftieth-anniversary edition, which, thanks to Marcelo Conti, will have a quire of photographs including some contemporary with the novel, and taken in its setting on the Paraná Delta.

You can read more about the development of this first on the ILT shelf on our Haroldo Conti – South-East page.

Although this takes Immigrant into international publishing, our resources dictate that, for the foreseeable future, we’ll be acting as a stepping stone for such classic fiction, working to bring it to the attention of the bigger boys and girls, who might just see the value of making it more available to the wider public.

But we think it’s worthwhile to continue to bring such work into English, even if they don’t.

Keep your eye on our site for news of a publication date before the northern spring.

And thanks for your interest.

Immigrant Press