Jon Lindsay Miles


by Jon Lindsay Miles, published September 2018

“Endowing the child and the young adult with the awareness of a sixty-two-year-old man is the only way I might now bring them to life.”

Car-bodywork repairer, hospital-theatre orderly and secondary-school teacher before he was thirty, Jon Lindsay Miles writes a story of childhood, school and work, of sexuality and friendship, and questions the nature of education, and love.


Horizon - cover origami    Horizon - solapa origami

Horizon is the first volume in an autobiographical triptych.

Preparation of the final two books in the Conti project will run alongside the writing of the remaining volumes of this triptych; an auto/biographical meditation on the life of the author, Letters from the River will be the second title on the Fireside shelf.

The preparatory work for this hybrid was carried out in Argentina in 2017; the thing itself will appear in 2020, given a fair wind…